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We print a variety of newspapers on our Goss Community press. Our computer to plate prepress system assures quick turnaround times and a sharp print job every time. We offer an .ftp site for you to upload your files, or they can be e-mailed or put onto a disk. Explained below are the most common formats and sizes but there are many more options. Give us a call to discusss your needs.


Broadsheets are our most popular format of newspaper. They are 22" tall by 25" left to right, folded to 12 1/2" left to right. They usually have 1/2" blank margin on the left and the right and 3/4" blank margin on the top and bottom. A broadsheet has to be an even page count. We can print as small as a 2 page broadsheet or as large as 20 pages in a single press run. Additional sections can be added when a higher page count is required. We use a high speed inserting machine to add additional sections as well as any advertising inserts you may have.


Tabloids are normally half the size of a broadsheet. Our standard size is 11" wide by 12 1/2" tall for a single page. They usually have 1/2" blank margins on all four sides leaving the image area of 10" wide by 11 1/2" tall. This size tabloid is normally left flat but can be folded in half for an additional charge. We do offer larger tabloid sizes however the 11" dimension must remain the same allowing the 12 1/2" dimension to enlarge. Another popular size we offer ia 11" wide by 16" tall. This size is normally folded in half. This size tabloid is also capable of having additional sections as well as individual inserts either printed in our facility or sent to us by the customer. A tabloid must have an even page count that is divisible by 4. We can print as small as a 4 page tabloid or as large as a 48 page tabloid.

Books are another popular newspaper format. The finished product is normally 8 5/16" wide

by 10 1/2" tall. The page count of a book must be divisible by 8. We can print as small as an

8 page book or as large as a 48 page book. Our books are glued and trimmed. They are also capable of bleeding on all four sides.

Please call us at 1-800-845-5050 or email us at for more information


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